Vernu Packages


Blair-LouBoutin: Take a break from your busy week and enjoy a 1hr Swedish Massage, Classic facial and a luxurious foot scrub. Kick up your heels!   $179


JennyChoo: Attention! Yoga, Marathon Runners, Gym Addicts, and Cross Fit Fanatics!  Unwind with a 1hr Sports Massage/Classic facial with LED. Continue to enhance the beauty you’re defining with your amazing workouts.   


Herme’s Relieve The Stress: This special Gentleman’s package is made just for you! Let’s Relax and renew your tense muscles with a Deep Tissue Massage and Men’s exfoliating facial. This is the ultimate stress relief to unwind and rejuvenate. $210


Dior Mon Amor: Enjoy time with that special someone to bond, reconnect and take a break from the routine of life. This package includes a therapeutic Swedish Massage with Aromatherapy and Classic Facial.  $269  

Louis V Come See Me:  Let’s diminish fine lines and brighten that beautiful smile! This refreshing package includes 20 units of Botox and Teeth Whitening$409.

Chanel For the Bells: Spend the day with your Mom or Best Friend come rejuvenate, relax, and renew at Vernu. Enjoy an Anti-Aging facial and Swedish Massage.$210  

All Clear Moncler: Is acne an issue? We have the solution for teens/young adults and our mature clients. Teen Facial/Chair Massage $120   Adult Acne/Chair Massage $145

Givenchy Let’s Get Frenchy: With this luxurious 1hr Facial, Foot Rub & Scrub you will experience the forte     of finesse. $130